Dental Scrap Refining


In the world of dental practices, waste management is a critical aspect that often goes unnoticed. As dental professionals, you understand the significance of precision and care in your work, but have you considered the hidden value within your dental waste? At Advanced United Refining (AUR), located in Phoenix, Arizona, we are here to help you uncover this value through our dental scrap refining services.

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Why Dental Scrap Refining Matters

Dental scrap materials, often comprised of precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, are generated daily in dental practices. These materials can be found in old crowns, bridges, dental instruments, and other discarded items. Here’s why dental scrap refining should matter to you:

  • Recover Precious Metals: Dental scrap refining allows for the efficient recovery of precious metals from discarded dental materials. These recovered metals can be recycled, reused in dental restorations, or turned into a valuable source of income for your practice.
  • Sustainability: By participating in dental scrap refining, you actively contribute to sustainable practices. Recycling and reusing precious metals help reduce the need for environmentally taxing mining operations, minimizing your practice’s environmental footprint.
  • Financial Gain: Refining dental scrap materials can provide a significant financial return. The precious metals within your scrap materials have intrinsic value, and our refining process ensures that you gain the most from these valuable resources.
  • Compliance: Responsible management of dental waste, including scrap materials, ensures compliance with environmental regulations and ethical standards. 

Why Choose AUR for Dental Scrap Refining?

  • Expertise: With AUR’s experienced team, you have refining experts who understand the unique characteristics of dental scrap materials.
  • Environmental Responsibility: AUR is dedicated to environmentally responsible practices that align with your commitment to sustainability.
  • On-Site Cutting-Edge Laboratory: We use an on-site laboratory, allowing real-time quality and purity testing at any stage of the refining process.
  • Commitment to Integrity: Integrity is at our core. We prioritize transparency, openness, and full accountability in all operations.

Contact AUR today to explore how our dental scrap refining services can benefit your dental practice. Your commitment to excellence extends to the responsible management of your dental scrap materials, and AUR is here to support your journey.