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The alchemy of converting metals from a solid state to liquid form is one that has been practiced for millennia. At Advanced United Refining, this ancient art is given a modern twist. We combine profound knowledge, meticulous attention to detail, and state-of-the-art technology to ensure that our clients benefit from the purest and highest yields from their precious metals.


Our Foundry: Where Expertise Meets Technology

A foundry isn’t just a place where metals are melted; it’s the heart of the precious metal recovery process. Our foundry represents the fusion of exceptional expertise and the latest in technological advancements. Whether we’re handling a compact batch of 10 pounds or a massive one-ton lot, every ounce of metal is treated with the reverence it deserves.

Our electric induction melting furnaces, designed for optimal efficiency, ensure that the process is not only consistent across batches but also energy-efficient. This meticulous approach is not just about maintaining standards; it’s about setting them.

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Redefining the Casting System

In the world of precious metal recovery, losses during the pouring phase can be the difference between profit and disappointment. Advanced United Refining’s proprietary casting system challenges the status quo. By significantly reducing losses during pouring, we ensure that almost every bit of the precious metal is recovered, setting the industry benchmark for recovery rates.

This commitment to efficiency and yield is not merely a technical achievement; it translates directly to our client’s bottom line. Reduced wastage means reduced costs, which in turn means enhanced profitability.

Diverse Metals, One Standard of Excellence

Our expertise is wide-ranging. Advanced United Refining doesn’t limit its capabilities to a single type of precious metal. Our processes, honed over the years, cater to following industries:

  • Jewelry
  • Electronic
  • Dental
  • Industrial
  • Semi-conductor Manufacturing
  • Plating
  • Aerospace

Each category, with its unique characteristics and challenges, is approached with tailored processes. Yet, the commitment remains consistent: optimal recovery, every single time.

Induction Melting: A Glimpse into the Future

Why have we chosen induction over the traditional gas-based methods? The answer is multifaceted. Firstly, induction furnaces, supported by sustainable solar energy panels, are a nod to our commitment to an eco-friendly future.

However, the benefits are not limited to environmental responsibility alone. The electromagnetic waves in induction melting create eddy currents. These currents ensure that the metal is thoroughly mixed, leading to a homogenous blend. Such uniformity is of vital importance, especially when dealing with alloys and ensuring the purity of the resultant metal.

Furthermore, this homogeneity allows for precise sampling. When a sample is representative of the entire batch, the resultant analysis is accurate, ensuring our partners can trust the purity and composition of their metals.

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Engaging with Inquisitive Minds

Over our years in the industry, we’ve encountered a range of questions that showcase the curiosity and the thirst for knowledge of our partners. They ask about the intricacies of the hydro-metallurgical process, sampling methods, and more. At Advanced United Refining, we see these questions as opportunities – opportunities to share knowledge, build trust, and foster stronger partnerships.

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Precision and Passion in Precious Metal Melting

When you entrust your precious metals to Advanced United Refining, you’re choosing a partner that embodies transparency, accountability, professionalism, and innovation. Our processes, built on a foundation of expertise and a passion for excellence, guarantee that you derive the maximum value from your metals.

Undertaking the journey of precious metal recovery requires a guide who understands every nuance of the path. Advanced United Refining is that guide, leading the way with a blend of tradition and innovation in the art of metal melting. Partner with Advanced United Refining and experience the pinnacle of precious metal recovery.

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